Wednesday, March 31, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Salad

California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Salad
Garden Herb Ranch Dressing1/2 tsp dry mustard1/4 tsp cold water2 3/4 cups mayo1 cup buttermilk1 1/2 Tb apple cider vinegar1 1/2 Tb thinly sliced scallions (both green & white)2 tsp minced garlic2 tsp fresh parsley1 1/2 tsp worchestershire sauce1tsp fresh dill1/2 tsp minced oregano1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper1/4 tsp fresh minced basil(beat all of this until smooth, cover and chill at least two hours...if you're too lazy to concoct a fresh dressing, don't sweat it- Costco's Savory Ranch back by the salsa has an excellent and fresh flavor)Grilled Garlic BBQ Chicken:Marinate 4-5 chicken breasts for 24 hours in the following:1 1/3 Tb olive oil1 1/3 Tb minced garlic2 tsp soy sauce 2tsp salt 1 cup sweet BBQ sauce1/2 cup Frank's Hot Sauces (this is also the secret ingredient to Winger's Sauces)(grill chicken then baste with a little bit of the reserved sauce, cube chicken into bite sized pieces and chill.)

The Salad:2 lbs tomatoes diced1/4 cup scallion greens1 head green leaf lettuce1 head romaine lettuce24 large fresh basil leaves cut thin (this is a key ingredient)1 lb jicama cubed into bite sized pieces3 cups shredded monterey jack cheese2 cans black beans rinsed, strained and dried1 can corn or three cobs of cooked corn blanched3/4 cup cilantroToss Salad with chicken, lightly coat with dressing, top with tortilla strips, and enjoy taking your taste buds on a temporary trip to ecstacy!

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  1. Another favorite. I think this is the one I usually end up craving. :o) What's the salad that you put pecans in?