Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stretch Mark Prevention

Stretch marks often emerge on a woman's body during the final weeks of gestation. Sometimes it may seem as though they popped out overnight. Stretch marks may appear on the lower and upper abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

It seems that the retail industry makes a big business of women who want to remove their stretch marks. Unfortunately, most women encounter disappointment after disappointment searching for the miracle stretch mark cure. It can be very expensive trying to reverse the tissue discoloration resulting from pregnancy stretch marks.

What you should know is that the underlying cause of stretch marks is hormonal changes in the body that result in low levels of elasticity and collagen in the layers of the dermis. The obvious cause is the rapid growth or stretching of dermal tissue over the body. This can be caused from either or growth spurt or a protruding belly.

It is much easier to prevent stretch marks than to remove them. But before you begin slathering cocoa butter or any other miracle cream on your abdomen keep in mind that stretch marks first occur in the deeper layers of the dermis. Once small tears begin to seperate in the the deeper tissue, they gradually manifest themselves on the outside layer of skin or epidermis. This is precisely why stretch marks are so difficult to repair--the scarring is so deep.

I won't discourage you from moisturizing the skin on your abdomen, but don't spend a fortune doing it. Combining a few drops of olive oil, fennel oil, and Vitamin E oil provides a fantastic rejuvenation for the outer layer of the skin.

What I encourage all pregnant moms to do is absorb stretch mark prevention nutrients on a deeper level. Ensure that you're getting healthy oils in your daily diet. Supplement your meals with flaxseed oil, grapeseed oil, fennel capsules, or fish oil capsules. Choose a high quality fish oil as many are contaminated with mercury. Typically wild Alaskan Salmon or Cod Liver Oil are good choices.

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