Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Handle a Labor Contraction?

Labor Rehearsal Exercise

1.Hold Perfectly Still-Moving or Jarring the body can be painful during a contraction
2.Meditate-Choose a specific image or mantra to keep your attention
3.Abdominal Breathing- Fill your lungs with deep oxygenating breaths
4.Lay Limp-Loosen every muscle in the face until it hangs, the rest of the body follows
5.Coach should keep his hands off her back- The uterus is fastened to the back and extremely sensitive to extra weight, even gentle massage.

There aren't very effective labor simulations. It's difficult to imitate such a dramatic and powerful experience. However, many childbirth educators will use the ice test.

In this simulation the pregnant woman holds a bag of ice in her hands for as long as possible. The discomfort of the ice directly in the hands allows her to practice the five recommendations above.

The ice is removed from the pregnant mom's hands at intervals. Allowing her to relax and prepare for the next "contraction" simulation.

The ice labor rehearsal is most effective at involving the coach in establishing check points.

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