Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Labor Augmentation via Prepidil Gel

What is Prepidil Gel? Prostaglandin E2.

Even though I'm not an advocate of any form of induction unless its a life threatening situation for mom or baby, that doesn't mean I practice what I preach. Prepidil is a fairly safe induction technique. When used in conjunction with Pitocin it reduces the rate of Cesarean section. Another advantage that it has over some of the less favorable induction techniques is that its strength can be reduced by wiping it off the Cervix if the body reacts adversely.

Unfortunately, the fast absorption of prostaglandins by the cervix does not allow your birth team to completely reverse the effects. It is very expensive and doesn't always work.

In some cases the gel works a little too effectively and sends the body into powerful expulsive contractions that can cause uterine hyper-stimulation. Serious complications rarely arise from the use of Prepidil Gel; however, expect more painful and erratic contractions than those occurring in a spontaneous labor.

The best source of prostaglandins for cervical ripening comes when you slip into something sexy and and coerce your husband into finishing what he started 9 months ago. Only engage in sexual intercourse when the bag of waters remains intact.

Regular exposure to male semen on the cervix acts as a natural and healthy ripening agent. Begin regular sexual activity at 36 weeks gestation.

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