Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The (Labor) Coach's Manual

1. Pay attention to her physical position help her get comfortable
2. Pay attention to her physical relaxation, guide her through relaxing her face and hands. Make sure she is not arching her back. Tell her to give in and let the contraction work for her.
3. Praise her sincerely
4. Let her overhear you tell the hospital staff or birth team how amazing she is
5. Ask the nurse where you can go to get her a drink, ice chips, or a snack
6. Hold her hand
7. Caress her hair
8. Tell her she's beautiful
9. Tell her how much you love her
10. Let her know the contraction won't last much longer. (Contractions are usually less than 2 minutes long)
11. Relate the pain with progress--"You're getting closer!"
12. Dim the lights
13. Walk with her
14. Put a cool damp cloth on her forehead
15. Remind her to breathe deeply and exhale slowly
16. Encourage her to close her eyes
17. Talk in a slow low voice to calm her
18. If she holds her breath encourage her to groan or growl low to relieve the pressure
19. Suggest she sit backwards on a birth stool or toilet to give counter pressure and allow the perineum tissue to relax

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