Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby

The most important thing you can do is determine the time of ovulation by using an accurate ovulation kit.

-If you want a boy you must time conception as closely as possible with prime ovulation

-If you want a girl you must time ovulation three full days prior to ovulation

The smaller faster Y carrying sperm (boys) are favored for conception during ovulation. The slower more durable X carrying sperm (girls) can make there way through an acidic environment.

Other useful tips for conceiving a boy:

Ensure that the dad-to-be wears loose fitting jockey shorts
Keeps the the family jewels cool and avoid hot showers
Avoid caffeine
Deep penetration during male climax to get fast swimmers close to the cervix
Keep the moms body alkaline (lots of veggies avoid flour, milk, and refined sugars)

To conceive a girl reverse the instructions:
Dad-to-be can take warm showers
Stay shallow during ejaculation
Have mom-t0-be load up on foods that increase acidity 24-48 hours priort to timing conception

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