Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Second Trimester Discomforts

Now that you are through with the first trimester of your pregnancy, you may experience some new discomforts. Although you might find that your nausea is decreasing and your energy is returning on this stage, do not be surprised however if you will experience new discomforts.

Here are some second trimester discomforts and solutions that you need to learn:

Lower Back Pain

During the second trimester of pregnancy, you are likely to experience back pain since the joints in between the pelvic bones start to loosen and soften in order to prepare for the baby to pass through the pelvis during delivery. As your uterus starts to become heavier, you also need to make some adjustments to your posture in order to compensate for that change in your center of gravity. This, therefore, results to back pain which can really be very uncomfortable.

To get relief from this discomfort, try these solutions.

Be conscious of your posture - how you sit, stand, and move. Make sure that your pelvis is tucked in and that your shoulders back when you stand. If your work requires you to sit for longer periods, be sure to take breaks at least every 30 minutes and if possible, slightly elevate your feet when sitting and avoid crossing your legs.

Lift properly. You can do this by placing your feet apart, at least one shoulder's width, and then slowly lower your body with your knees bent, not your waist. As you lift the object, push up not with the back but with the thighs.

When resting or sleeping, lie on the side, with the hips and knees bent. You can place your pillow in between the knees and under the abdomen in order to take some of the pressure off the lower back.

Perform exercises which can help strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Leg Cramps

Most pregnant women experience leg cramps on the second trimester of pregnancy. These occur at night or early in the morning and may interrupt your sleep. Leg cramps may be attributed to inadequate potassium, fatigue, and pressure of your uterus on your legs' nerves. To help you prevent or get relief from this second trimester discomfort, do these solutions.

Perform exercises which can stretch your calf muscles.

If you stand for longer periods during the day, try wearing support hose.

Take regular breaks when your work requires standing or sitting for longer periods. Walk to and fro the office for a couple of minutes before going back to your work station.

When leg cramps occur, try to straighten your knee and gently flex your foot upward. You can also try flexing the toes of your affected leg to relieve the discomfort.

Skin Changes

Skin changes are common second trimester discomforts. These are results of the hormones which are at work in your body during pregnancy. When you enter this second stage, you may begin to notice skin darkening. Although the exact cause is uncertain, this skin change may be associated to increase in the levels of estrogen. You may notice this skin darkening in that area between the anus and the vulva, armpits, neck, inner thighs, around the navel, and even around the nipples. Some pregnant women even experience skin darkening on the face which can get worse because of sunlight exposure. If you experience this problem, avoid getting yourself exposed to too much sunlight. And if possible, wear sunblock with SPF when you go outdoors. Use also an umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat to shield your face from sun exposure. After delivery, your skin may become lighter so there is no need to worry.


Constipation is another second trimester discomfort. This occurs due to added pressure and changes in the intestines. If you experience this, you should try eating more high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and grains. Drink also plenty of water and allot some time brisk walking every morning. If you want to take any laxative, be sure to check with your doctor first because some laxatives are not suitable for pregnant woman.

Knowing all these second trimester discomforts and solutions during pregnancy can help you cope with the changes more easily. Keep them in mind and be sure to consider the solutions when you start experiencing any of these discomforts.

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