Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthing Methods

There are so many birthing methods available it can be a challenge for expectant couples to choose the one that is right for them. I wish I could tell you that one is definitely superior over another. However, it's not that simple because the presentation of material is often a reflection of the instructor's opinions and not always an accurate representation of the association with whom they affiliate.

For instance, a Lamaze class today could hardly be recognized by a Lamaze class twenty years ago. If you were to walk into four different Lamaze classes in four different cities in the United States you'd receive similar class outlines but you'd receive four different sets of instructions with four varying opinions on how to handle pain and possibly four unique breathing recommendations. Although, I personally feel that the Lamaze approach to relaxation is weak; I admit that the best class instruction I've observed on the stages of labor was presented by a Labor & Delivery Nurse certified in Lamaze.

If you enrolled in Bradley Classes with the Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth, you'd receive 10-12 weeks of class instruction and a workbook to guide you through the curriculum on schedule. The breathing pattern and contents of the class would be more consistent. However, points of emphasis and opinions on interventions would range from moderate to radical depending on the philosophy of the instructor.

Some Bradley Method instructors spend a great deal of time teaching relaxation exercises each week. While others simply instruct you to do it on your own time and never teach you the basics through practicing during class time.

HypnoBirthing is another alternative that typically focuses on positive affirmations and developing strong relaxation skills in 4-6 weeks of class instruction. They do not claim to take a position on medical interventions. Once again, the actual delivery of your education will depend on the instructor you select.

If you know that it's unlikely that you and your husband will practice relaxation techniques at home on your own time. This may be the best option for you. The majority of the class time is devoted to strengthening your relaxation skills.

Finding an Instructor
A successful birth isn't determined by the method you choose. It's determined by how well you've prepared physically, mentally, emotionally. If you're looking for an instructor in your area you can learn a lot about what their class will offer in a small phone interview. You can locate childbirth instructors in every method using an online directory.

Find someone who emphasizes physical preparation prior to labor as well as emotional relaxation skills. Ensure that their views about medical intervention are flexible so that you don't feel like you're continually hearing that natural is good and medicated is evil.

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