Monday, May 23, 2011

Preparing for Birth Emotionally

In order to effectively deal with pain in labor pregnant women should evaluate their emotions, fears, and perceptions of childbirth, starting with their earliest memories. Watching birth movies, reading real birth stories, or attending the birth of a family member are great ways to become familiar with labor mentally and emotionally. You tube is a great source for free birth footage with a whole gamet of variety.

It is healthy for women to accept that they cannot control all of the sensations they may experience during birth, but they can control how they perceive and react to those sensations.

Yes, labor is painful but it doesn’t have to be miserable. Once a woman acknowledges this premise she begins to develop a positive mental attitude. Gaining a positive mental attitude allows her to respond favorably to the real thing. It is a key element in mastering the ability to maintain calm controlled breathing.

Ideally, she should practice breathing and meditation exercises daily for several weeks in advance. If a woman can breathe calmly she can relax and her body will perform optimally. If she cannot relax she merely survives labor.

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