Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise in pregnancy is almost as important as a healthy diet. Yet prenatal exercise is often over looked as a necessary component to a healthy pregnancy. It is a popular misconception that pregnancy is a time to take it easy, kick back, relax, and be sedintary.

Unfortunately, this approach may lead to a number of serious consequences including, toxemia, eclampsia, heart failure, depression, and thyroid disease.

Pregnant women should exercise a minimum of 30 minutes daily. Two fifteen minute walks daily may provide the following benefits:

Elevated Mood
Improved Circulation
Enhanced Digestive Funtion
Greater Endurance
Increased Muscle Tone
Stable Metabolism
Deeper States of REM Sleep
Higher levels of Energy

Women who did not exercise prior to pregnancy should begin exercising as soon as they possibly can. Start with a short and easy workout gradually building your musle and cardiovascular capacity. Some basic rules to follow about exercise in pregnancy are as follows:

Be Consistent
Begin exercise with a warm-up
Never do anything that hurts
Keep core body temperature under 100.4 degrees
Keep intensity level in the moderate range
Stop exercising before reaching point of fatique or exhaustion
Stop immediately if you experience, bleeding, cramping, or faintness
Reduce intensity with presence of high blood pressure
Practice abdominal breathing to oxygenate the body properly
Avoid activities that stress joints or comprimise balance

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