Monday, June 6, 2011

Depression in Pregnancy

Some studies indicate that up to 70 of women experience symptoms of depression during pregnancy. A general feeling of sadness or discontent may not be associated in any way to your attitude about the baby or being a mother. If you're pregnant and struggling with depression you're not alone.

Depressive symptoms in pregnancy are often smaller than a full diagnosis. Often feelings of dissatisfaction may leave you feeling melancholy. It is likely that mood swings, emotional outbursts and other psychological insecurities are a result of the increase of hormones present in pregnancy.

However, depression may be situational and not physiological. Sometimes the stress of pregnancy brings associated depressive symptoms, even when the pregnancy was planned. Feelings of gloominess may intensify if there are complications related to the pregnancy or preparation for the pregnancy. Some common catalysts for the pregnancy blues may include loss of employment, relationship challenges, weight gain, or lack of energy.

Other causes of stress are simply produced by natural changes that pregnancy potentially brings, such as switching to a new house or apartment that better accomodates your growing family. Sometimes these changes create additional financial pressures, which may induce stress and depression, common in pregnancy.

Feelings of cheerlessness can negatively affect a healthy appetite, sleep habits, and exercise routines, which are all important elements of maintaining good mental health in pregnancy.

If you are struggling with feeligns of listlessness try the following:

-Remove any unnecessary stress from your life
-Communicate your feelings with your partner and enlist their support
-Ensure you're eating plenty of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Folic Acid, and plenty of B Vitamins
-Make time for naps if you need them
-Exercise daily even if it's only walking for 15 minutes twice a day

If symptoms of depression persist speak with your clinician to ensure you receive proper prenatal care.

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