Friday, August 13, 2010

Relaxation Exercise for Labor

Although there aren't very many ways to "simulate" labor practice at home, never underestimate the power of relaxation exercise. You must first learn to how to be calm in the calm if you want to successfully be calm in the storm. To begin you must be aware. Ask yourself the following questions.

How well do I control my thoughts?
Is my self talk positive?
Am I effective at self-medicating?
Am I generally up tight?
Do I have a high pain tolerance?

Now ask yourself:

How would I like to be?
What would I do differently?

Be honest with yourself. Lay down. Get comfortable. Imagine your favorite place in the world. Take note of the temperature and just control the environment in your mind for 20 minutes. Band all distracting thoughts. Stay completely focused on filling your mind with intended imagery.

When you get good at controlling your environment mentally in a quiet room. Practice the exercise in a room with mild distractions until you master your ability to stay focused. Eventually, allow others to be present and learn to tune them out.

Twenty minutes of focused relaxation is more powerful than 1 hour of R.E.M. Sleep. It's worth it. If you think your too busy or tired--you can't afford to not do it.

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