Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lollipops in Labor

Many women anxiously seek alternative methods of labor induction during pregnancy. Unfortunately, most of these home remedies aren't very effective. Why? Because your body isn't just being stubborn to annoy you. It has a very complex network of hormones and muscles that need to balance properly for a happy and healthy birth.

Labor doesn't have a lever like a light switch that you can simply flip on and off on a whim. But if you're contracting and you want to test whether or not it's false labor there's something you can do.

The roof of your mouth has a very sensitive pressure point that responds by stimulating uterine contractions. It also induces relaxation. Which is a fantastic combination!

Some doulas recommend pressing the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Others suggest using your thumb and sucking it to apply a little more pressure. I recommend lollipops.

Pick your pop. Dum Dums are great! Besides coming in a great assortment of flavors, they're small and can fit into the smaller region in the roof of your mouth. But eventually your Tootsie Pop or Blow Pop will fit snugly as well. This is a great way to soothe yourself while you're lounging in the tub, laying on your side, or awaiting a cervical exam.

So regardless of whether or not you can successfully initiate labor by triggering the pressure point on the roof of your mouth, you should induce some more effective uterine contractions as well as a stronger ability to relax.

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