Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pressure Point Induction

Some pregnant women report an almost immediate response of uterine contractions in relation to pressure application on specified points. When applied properly there may be a feeling of tenderness or sensitivity. But as always the efficacy of acupressure varies from case to case.

Bladder 32 pressure point to induce labor: The depression between the crease of the buttocks and the spine is the location of this pressure point. This point is midway between the dimple in the buttocks and the spine. You can find it by tracing up one of the mother's finger width's above the top of the buttocks crease. You should feel a small depression where the point lies.

Hoku pressure point to induce labor: This is the point that is in the webbing between the thumb and the index finger. The point where the bone of the index finger connects should be pressed with light pressure and massaged firmly to stimulate labor contractions. Press on an angle underneath the bone that connects with the index finger. This may also act as a natural anesthetic to pain in labor.

The Trapezius Muscle: This is the muscle that connects the shoulder and the neck. The pressure point is located about an inch or so below the highest point where the muscle connects with the neck. The soft spot there is where the pressure is to be applied at intervals. Press this tender spot intermittently to start uterine contractions

Spleen 6 Pressure point to induce labor: This point is located on the inside of the ankle between the Achilles tendon and the ankle bone. Knead this area for at least a minute. Experts claim it propels the baby’s head down into the mother’s pelvis.

Additionally, approximately 5 centimeters above the ankle bone is a pressure point, which, when massaged may help to strengthen contractions that may yet be weak and ineffective.

Pros to Pressure Point Induction: May quicken or intensify labor

Cons to Pressure Point Induction: May result in an uncomfortable false labor

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